Application for making international calls through the services of the Central Telegraph (Uzbekistan)

ALLO – is an application for automatic work with IVR of international calls via Uzbekistan Central Telegraph. App allows  its users of telephone cards to be relieved of the constant dialing of the PIN code of the card, as well as to select the number of the recipient of the call from the contact book on the phone, moreover, it eliminates the need to dial a dial-up number every time, wait for a response from the voice menu, and also monotonously enter a PIN code. Having bought a card once and entered it into the application, you can make calls simply by selecting a number from the phone book as for a regular call within the city.

The main advantage of this application is the ease of use. Intuitive appearance allows the user to make a call abroad with just a few clicks. 

The user can easily top up his balance by purchasing a new international telephony card from Central Telegraph. The application also has a built-in ability to replenish the balance through the Click system.

App can be used for Beeline International Communication cards in Russia.


August 2014

System functional

  • Country selection with call rates
  • Entering the number immediately without listening to the operator's IVR, no errors with dialing
  • Displaying the subscriber's balance
  • Possibility of using the address book on the subscriber's phone
  • Viewing Call History

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