This service allows subscribers to control not only voice calls (incoming and outgoing), but also SMS messages.

Subscribers are given the opportunity to record a non-standard message for answering calls included in the black list.

Also, subscriber can activate the service according to the schedule both: for single element in the list and for all element.

Forwarding SMS messages will allow you not to miss an important SMS message when using another number, for example, while on vacation in another country.

The service is deployed on the solution of the OLSOFT partner and we are ready to discuss the delivery on the terms of “revenue sharing”. 

During the development process, it was decided to keep server solution on the operator’s side and the interface configuration on the subscriber’s side.


August 2015

System functional

  • Ability to add individual numbers, all hidden numbers and all numbers to the list
  • Create a custom schedule for each list item
  • For each element of the black list, subscriber can specify the reason for rejecting the call
  • Ability to use a custom voice message for blocked calls
  • Many ways to manage the service for the subscriber: SMS / USSD commands, IVR, Web interface, smartphone application
  • Multilingual
  • Easy integration with various billing systems
  • Works while roaming

Integration scheme into the operator's network

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