Global Mobile Journal

GMJ is a mobile entertainment portal created in 2006 based on the Mobishell software product. It is a unique system that deliver news to the end user. GMJ consists of a mobile client application and a server part. GMJ is a growing and constantly evolving project that has grown to over 300,000 active users in recent years.

The main idea is that the user, after downloading GMJ app, gets access to news and other services, directly from his mobile device.

GMJ includes 120 channels divided into 11 thematic categories. GMJ is a high speed low-cost information delivery system and compatible with most modern mobile devices. GMJ is much faster and more convenient than regular mini-browsers, where users receive up-to-date information with traffic savings.

To date, GMJ includes:

  • News (In the world, Economics, IT, etc.)
  • Horoscopes
  • Jokes and funny stories
  • Dictionaries
  • Blogs
  • TV programm
  • Voting
  • Radio and TV channels

GMJ has a built-in system of Polls and Voting, which allows you to conduct sociological and marketing research among the audience of GMJ users.

There is a separate module for listening to the radio and watching popular TV channels. Radio channels include:

  • Moscow speaking
  • Road Radio
  • Europa Plus
  • Children’s radio
  • Comedy Radio
  • Kommersant 93.6 FM
  • Komsomol truth
  • Our radio
  • Orpheus
  • Azan – the voice of Islam, etc.

The GMJ project is one of the first projects designed to explore latest news via mobile phone in Russian Federation.


January 2006

About "MobiShell"

MobiShell is a fully-featured CMS (Content Management System) for creating and managing information portals available for mobile devices. MobiShell allows you to deploy information portal as an independent media (mass media) and a mobile version of an existing media.

The MobiShell platform is intended for the rapid organization of an information systems that provides users of mobile devices with structured information of various contents.

The MobiShell platform is based on client-server technology. To work with the server, you need to download the client application to your mobile device.

Based on MobiShell, it is possible to quickly deploy information portals for:

Mass media (print publications and Internet news resources)
Corporate systems (manufacturing companies, warehouses, chain stores, banks, IT companies)
Cellular operators
Content providers

Components of the Solution

The system is a client-server solution.

The server part is responsible for the formation and management of content that will be available to the end user from the client application on the mobile device. The server part is designed as a Web Application on the ASP.NET 2.0 platform and runs under MS Windows Server 2003. The server part provides the following features:

Information systems structure management
Information systems content management
Managing multi-user access to the MobiShell information system (you can set different roles, types and levels of access to the system. Each type of access can be assigned different categories and channels of information)
Collection of information from third party RSS sources into the MobiShell system (It is possible to automatically, with a specified period, update information from RSS feed providers)
The server part also includes a system for transferring information to users’ mobile devices

Management of the structure and content of the information system includes the following features:

Ability to create an unlimited number of editors
Ability to use the functions of the Editor-in-Chief (issuer)
The ability to fill channels from information sources of various types:

  • Manually by editors
  • Automatic collection of information from various websites (when using the News Grabber system);
  • The ability to run RSS feeds existing in other media in MobiShell channels

Possibility to correspond with users directly (feedback)
Statistics system (channel content, number of requests and channel attendance)
The ability to quickly organize polls on mobile devices (voting)
Using Dictionaries

Application allows to configure TV and radio channels. It is a Web application with the ability to create categories, channels and specify the required bitrate for each channel. It is also possible to immediately listen to (view) the started channel.
The client part of the information system is designed to display information on the user’s mobile device. The information provided to the user is represented in a three-level hierarchy: it is divided into categories, which in turn are divided into channels and the articles themselves. The client application has a user-friendly interface that allows you to switch between available services and article content. Clients are released on the following mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, Bada and J2ME (the version will run on any Java-enabled cell phone).

System Functional

  • National Language Support
  • Access to section-structured information
  • Polls (there are poll statistics)
  • Custom content filters
  • Ability to embed pictures, sounds and any other files in articles
  • TV and Radio channels
  • Flexible setting of the list of TV and Radio channels

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