Multiplatform self-service system for cellular subscribers​

Mobile Assistant – A multi-platform self-service system for cellular subscribers with the ability to manage services (connect / disconnect), replenish balances, receive online and offline details, manage linked numbers, create auto payments and the ability to transfer funds between subscriber numbers.

In 2011, after analyzing the state of the mobile application market, OLSOFT, discovered an extreme need for software that provides self-management services to subscribers  of cellular operators. Mobile Assistant project – is a directory of cellular operator services for their subscribers, implemented in the form of mobile applications for the most popular platforms.

This system was successfully implemented for 9 mobile operators: Unitel LLC (Uzbekistan), KaR-Tel LLP (Kazakhstan), Sky Mobile LLC (Kyrgyzstan), Tacom LLC (Tadjikistan), Team Telecom Armenia (Armenia), Vion Georgia » (Georgia), Ucell (Uzbekistan), Tcell (Tadjikistan)

Server solution is deployed on the operator’s side, whilst interface configuration on the subscriber’s side.

This service allows subscribers to control not only voice calls (incoming and outgoing), but also SMS messages. Subscribers are given the opportunity to record a non-standard message for answering calls included in the black list. Also, the subscriber can activate the service according to the schedule both for all and for each element in the list. Forwarding SMS messages will allow you not to miss an important SMS message when using another number, for example, while on vacation in another country.

The service is deployed on the solution of the OLSOFT and we are ready to discuss the delivery on the terms of “revenue sharing”.




December 2012

Components of the Solution

The system is a client-server solution.

The server part is the core of the system that manages subscriber data and integrates with internal and external systems of the Customer and Partners. The system is based on Windows Server, where connection with partner systems is deployed via web services and direct HTTPS requests.
The database of the system, stores all information on the main content and subscribers and works under MS SQL Server DBMS.
An application is developed for configuring the main content, system settings and receiving various reports (Reports can be flexibly configured for each Customer). The application uses access restriction by using roles and has the ability to audit and log user actions. The solution can be integrated with Active Directory for centralized user management. App is installed by system administrators and employees of the marketing department.
Client applications are available for users of mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Phone. There is also available product web site with adaptive layout with the same functional.

System functional

  • National Language Support
  • Automatic content and application update
  • Service management through a personal account of a subscriber
  • Content sharing between B2C and B2B
  • Using an SSL certificate to transfer data
  • Reporting – application usage by the subscriber (visit, events), license accounting, subscriber information
  • Displaying information depending on the subscriber's location in roaming or home network
  • Display banners in the app
  • Providing an API for integration with content provider platforms
  • Preview / listen to content, as well as its subsequent purchase through the application
  • The ability to integrate the application with platforms that provide services ordered through the application
  • Differentiation of access rights to the Back Office for company employees and partners
  • Possibility to manage the catalog and content from the Back Office
  • Command History
  • Push notifications – delivery of messages and notifications to subscribers' devices
  • Providing visual information about the location of the company's offices and its official dealers on the map (for instance Google Maps)
  • Integration with the contact center project (subject to an agreement on its use by mobile operator)

Integrations with external systems

  • Berkut (RBT)
  • Erickson (DBSS)
  • GlassFish
  • Dana , Aidana
  • Medalia 
  • OpCoApi
  • SwitchControl
  • NAPI
  • Push-server 
  • CDB 
  • ESB
  • ITPSS 
  • DMC 
  • Balance Transfer
  • E-shop 
  • SEB 
  • Huawei (CRM)
  • QUIZ
  • Beeline Club
  • USS
  • CCBO
  • CallSMSFiltering
  • Comverse
  • DMC
  • eCare
  • Ensemble
  • ESPP
  • FMC
  • FTTB CIS Selfcare
  • Billing Facade
  • OptIn
  • Pontis
  • Protek
  • SMS-C

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